Oxlades Art Supplies Perth

From professional artists to local hobbyists and students, Oxlades Art Supplies Perth has all the tools you need to get started. For over 100 years, Oxlades has been sharing their knowledge of the craft and inspiring artists to create in many mediums. The customer's passion for high-quality art supplies and crafting materials drives us to develop long-term relationships through excellent service and professional advice!

Check out our location in Perth today for all the supplies you need to create stunning works of art!

About Us

For over a century in Queensland, Oxlades Art Supplies has provided the highest quality art supplies to school children, teachers, and artists alike. As both a retailer and a wholesale provider, we've supported all artists from young children well into adulthood with our high-quality products and affordable prices.

At Oxlades Art Supplies Perth, our goal is to cater to our customers and the community's artistic needs. You won't need to travel to several stores to find all the brushes, canvases, paint, and other supplies you're looking for; you'll find everything you need in our inventory to create in your medium.

Everyone on our team believes that art isn't just a hobby or a trade; it's a way of life. Our knowledgeable staff is more than happy to share the wealth of information with guests and other art enthusiasts as they visit.

We're ready to listen to what you want to create so we can supply the materials for you to achieve that desired outcome. You won't find a more committed team of art supplies providers in Perth!

Where We're Located

We're overjoyed to have the opportunity to serve the Oxlades Art Supplies Perth community with our store, providing the best possible materials and bringing our passion to the area to engage with local artists! Whether you're an artist, student, teacher, or hobbyist, we're so glad to share our creative skills and supplies with you at this brand-new store.

We even host events and workshops where you can learn and try new skills and techniques, like printmaking, in a safe and creative environment! Come join the fun and meet fellow creatives all while learning new skills or enhancing the ones you've already learned.

Our Services and Products

Our team at Oxlades Art Supplies Perth provides several services to the community in the form of creative events and crafting workshops, but our stores also stock the supplies you'll need to hone your craft. Take a look at what we have to offer, and try new mediums while you're at it! This is your opportunity to get your hands dirty and create something beautiful.


Our stores are equipped with the products you'll need to keep busy with fun and exciting crafts. From adhesives to beads and jewellery, we've got you covered. Decorate a paper mache mask for a party, or design a calico tote bag you can take anywhere. You can use Osmer glue and Uhu epoxy to fasten feathers and other details to these DIY projects.

These are perfect activities for a classroom setting or a birthday party or celebration. Spice up your next event with a few quick crafts!


Get yourself a set of Goldfaber graphite pencils and start sketching. Try your hand at charcoal with a soft, Coates willow charcoal assortment. Stock up on standards like erasers, fine-point pens, and coloured pencils from Faber-Castell. These essentials will get you started on honing your craft and allow you to explore colour theory and new mediums.

Try our kneaded erasers and see how it feels to create something new and add the finishing touches to them with art spectrum ink and extra soft pastel sets. The possibilities are endless, and we have the supplies to prove that.


Our stores carry both acrylic and oil paints for all artists. Additionally, gouache and watercolour paints are available as well. Browse through our selection of dozens of brand-name supplies, like Langridge, Winsor and Newton, and Georgian paints, to complete your projects. Find the perfect brush set and pick up a palette and knife for your work.

Students can enjoy the creative process as well as any experienced artist. What matters most is the accessibility to the materials they need. Stop by today to see what we have in store for you.


Whether you're new to printing or have professional experience, we have the materials you'll need to get to work. With simple and fun projects like the Derivan block printing kit to professional-grade embossing boards, anyone can learn to create beautiful prints at home or in the classroom.

We offer both wooden and aluminium frames for silk screen printing and water-based inks as well! Don't forget to grab the tools you'll need, like a drypoint needle and stencils.


Students love working with clay and messing with different glazes, and for good reason! Professional sculptors know that they'll need a full assortment of tools like steel pins, sponges, and modelling tools to get their work into just the right form.

You'll find rich Paperclay earthenware and stoneware clay blocks in addition to Northcote No Fire clay at our locations. Air-drying model clay can also be purchased for young students learning how to model or for those who want to create a quick mock-up of their bigger project.

Studio Arts

Come on down and grab an easel to take part in the most iconic art style. You'll find the perfect canvas pre-stretched or unrolled and can begin working right away. Take home your work with a drying rack that can be used by hobbyists or students in classrooms looking to create budding masterpieces.

Art Spectrum has a wide range of brushes to choose from so that you can create the desired effect in your art, so stop by today to view the collection.

Contact Us

Visit our Facebook or Instagram to stay up-to-date with events and workshops you can participate in! You can also pay a visit to our new location at Unit 2/49 Guthrie St Osborne Park, Perth, WA, Australia, Western Australia, or give us a call at +61 (08) 9446 3233 to ask for store hours and other questions.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and can't wait to see what you create!

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