Lino Printing Supplies

Creating a beautiful lino print depends heavily on the tools you use. You'll achieve much more desirable results with quality materials like our range of lino print products.

We're proud to carry all the cutting tools, ink, brushes, and paper you need to create stunning lino print projects. Below are a few popularly used print products that you can use on your next project.

Essdee 3 in 1 Lino Cutter and Baren Kit

This printing kit by ESSDEE is great for beginners. It features water-based ink, lino blocks, a handguard, six lino cutters, an ink roller, and a tray.

The lino cutters come in different designs suited to cutting various shapes and styles. Its handguard and safety cutter makes it safe for use by learners and children. It comes with an ink tray to help maintain a neat working space.

This well-designed printing kit is easy to use and contains almost everything you need to start creating your first lino print.

Speedball Soft Rubber Rollers 10cm

This sturdy and versatile rubber roller works with soft blocks, woodcuts, and linoleum. It is made using natural latex gum rubber, making it easy to use, clean, and long-lasting. You can use both oil-based and water-based printing inks with these rollers.

Its quality materials make printing fun and effortless as it smoothly rolls and evenly spreads printing paint.

Sakura Oil-Based Printing Inks

If you are looking for an oil-based ink that dries quickly, this ink is the one. It not only dries within 24 hours, but it also does not smear nor discolor. It is available in yellow, blue, orange, green, red, brown, black, and white, which are mixable.

The Sakura oil-based ink comes in a 100ml aluminum tube. You can pile a lino print on another without smearing paint on the overlaid paper. This ink is convenient for woodcutting, copperplate, lithography, etching, and relief painting.

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