Clay Tools

Whether you're a beginner or an expert, having high-quality tools can help you create professional-looking pieces and utilize different techniques. Oxlades offers a versatile collection of clay tools to help you complete your project. Our inventory ranges from basic carving kits for sculpting and pottery to no-fire clay!

Clay Tools Sculpting Kits

Coming in both plastic and wood/metal forms, these sculpting aids will make adding detail to a project easy and allow you to texture your work properly. From smoothing to shaping, the Munngyo Plastic Modeling set will offer nine different blade shapes to precisely remove excess clay with ease or create unique textures on the surface. The plastic offers sturdy support to easily cut through your material.

For those who prefer metal tools, we offer a pack of 11, which can be used on clay and ceramics. These provide the same benefits as plastic but prioritize precision, so they are effective against tougher materials.

Oxlades also stocks both clay and pottery carving toolsets. The collection comes with eight pieces to utilize as your piece is on the pottery wheel. Each will allow you to make ridges and indentations to shape the piece with exactness. They also include wooden scrapers, which smooth the surface and establish curves.

Sculpting Materials

We offer two different bucket sizes of no-fire clay and a package of 30 sampler slabs. The no-fire clay doesn't require a kiln to cook your project to harden. Instead, it dries automatically by leaving it overnight, so you'll avoid cracks in your work.

The sampler kit allows you to have access to a large colour pallet without wasting time trying to mix your own. Colouring clay can be difficult and messy, so having it pre-mixed is extremely beneficial.

When you need high-quality clay tools, look no further than Oxlades. We're proud to carry a variety of products on our online store and answer any questions you may have about using sculpting kits for your project.

Shop our collection online and get in touch with us today to learn more about what we offer sculptors!