Modelling Clays

Finding suitable clay for your modelling projects can be tedious. You need to find products that are high-quality but also affordable, as this material can add up fast when you're working on a project.

We stock general (fire and no fire) clay, polymer clays and modelling ones. You can also find clay tools online for all you sculpting projects or in one of our stores.

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Walkers School Earthenware Clay

Suited for slabbing, coiling, hand-building, and throwing, this school clay has a medium texture and fits standard sizes.

At 1280c, it appears light grey beige, while at 1060, it is white. With a firing range of 1060-1300 degrees Celsius, it has 3.2% wet to dry shrinkage.

This clay weighs about 10kgs and is excellent for learners and beginners.

Buff Raku Clay 12.5 Kg Block

Feeneys Clay's Buff Raku modelling clay consists of approximately 40% grog. It has a coarse texture and utilises earthenware glaze. It has a 2.2% wet to dry shrinkage and a firing range of 1000-1280 degrees Celsius.

At oxidation, it has a dark speckled mottle appearance, while at the reduction phase, it still maintains the dark speckled mottle colour but with iron blebs visible.

Sun Clay – Air Drying Clay 5 Kg Block

This safe, non-toxic modelling clay is perfect for use by large groups. It air dries appropriately and can be used with various acrylic paints.

This air-drying clay by Walker Ceramics has a uniform thickness and is suitable for school projects as well as throwing, sculpting, and coiling.

You must keep this product in a cool, dry, and air-tight container. If the clay is too hard, adding water to it will help. Avoid firing it as it is air-hardened and hence does not require firing.

White Raku Handbuilding 10kg Block

This white, sandy product by NorthCote supplies is fit for thermal shock and for raku firing. It resembles a stone when fired and is suitable for hand-building sculptural forms. This clay has a 3% wet-dry shrinkage.

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