Printmaking Supplies

Discover an extensive array of printmaking essentials at Oxlades, where quality meets creativity. Whether you're a seasoned printmaker or a novice exploring the art, our collection includes everything you need to bring your visions to life. From a vibrant spectrum of inks to versatile presses, lino printing supplies, etching plates, and silkscreens, we've curated a comprehensive selection that caters to the diverse needs of artists. With Oxlades, you're not just purchasing supplies; you're investing in the tools that will elevate your printmaking experience.

What is Printmaking?

Printmaking is a captivating artistic process wherein an image is meticulously etched, carved, or drawn onto a flat surface such as a plate or block. The intricately prepared surface is then carefully inked, and a sheet of paper is pressed onto it. This meticulous union of ink and surface transfers the artist's vision onto paper, resulting in a distinctive, original print. Each print bears the artist's mark, capturing the essence of their creativity. This method allows for the creation of multiples while maintaining the uniqueness of each piece, making printmaking a fascinating and versatile avenue for artistic expression and exploration.

As a timeless art form, Printmaking holds a unique place in the artistic realm. It allows creators to translate their visions onto various surfaces, making it an indispensable medium for artists seeking to express themselves in a distinctive way.

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