Canvas Rolls

Unlike traditional stretched canvases, canvas rolls offer unparalleled flexibility and customization. Artists can cut the canvas to their desired size, allowing for larger-scale creations or unconventional dimensions. This versatility makes canvas rolls an ideal choice for artists seeking the freedom to dictate the scale and shape of their artistic endeavors. Oxlades recognizes the significance of this flexibility, catering to canvas artists who crave a canvas experience as unique as their visions.

Primed & Unprimed Canvas Rolls

Our Canvas Rolls collection at Oxlades embraces the diversity of artists' preferences by offering both primed and unprimed options. Primed canvas rolls come pre-coated with gesso, providing a ready-to-use surface that saves time and effort. On the other hand, unprimed rolls offer a raw canvas experience, allowing artists to apply their preferred primer and customize the texture to suit their artistic style. This dual offering ensures that artists have the autonomy to choose the canvas that aligns with their creative process, making Oxlades a reliable destination for both seasoned artists and those embarking on their canvas journey.

Transporting your artistic visions becomes a breeze with canvas rolls. Their compact and rollable nature allows for easy storage and transportation, making them an ideal choice for artists on the go. Whether you're heading to a studio, a plein air painting session, or an exhibition, canvas rolls offer convenience without compromising on the quality of your artistic expression.

Buy Canvas Rolls Online From Anywhere in Australia

Embracing the digital age, Oxlades makes acquiring these canvas rolls a seamless experience. Our user-friendly online platform allows artists to explore the Canvas Rolls category effortlessly, offering a diverse range of options to suit various preferences. With just a few clicks, artists can select the perfect canvas roll, whether primed or unprimed, and have it delivered to their doorstep. Oxlades takes pride in its commitment to serving artists across Australia, ensuring that the canvas of inspiration reaches every corner of the country. Discover the ease of online shopping with Oxlades and elevate your canvas artistry with our premium Canvas Rolls collection—where artistic freedom knows no boundaries.