Watercolour Paper

At Oxlades, we provide a diverse range of top-quality watercolour products designed to elevate your artwork. Explore our extensive selection of high-quality papers and find the perfect match for your artistic expression.

Watercolour Paper and Your Painting Results

The foundation of any great watercolour painting lies in the quality of the paper used. It is specifically designed to absorb water and bear the weight of watercolour paint without warping or deteriorating. Choosing the right option can transform your painting, enhancing both the application of paint and the final appearance of your artwork. From the vibrancy of the colours to the precision of your brush strokes, every element is influenced by the paper's texture, weight, and quality.

Rough, Hot Pressed and Cold Pressed Options

The choice between different textures like hot pressed (smooth) and cold pressed (textured) papers depends on your specific technique and the desired effect in your painting. Each texture impacts how the paint settles and travels across the page, affecting the painter's ability to manipulate colour and create details. Hot pressed papers are excellent for detailed work, while cold pressed papers are better suited for textured effects and washes.

A4 & A3 Watercolour Paper Pads

Crafted with premium quality, our paper pads are designed to enhance the vibrancy and depth of your your artworks. The A4 size offers convenience for smaller projects, while the A3 size provides ample space for larger, more detailed creations. Each pad features paper with excellent absorption, allowing you to achieve smooth washes and intricate details with ease. Whether you're a beginner exploring the world of watercolors or a seasoned artist seeking professional-grade materials, we have the ideal choice to unleash your creativity and bring your artistic visions to life.

Best Brands: Arches and Saunders Watercolour Papers

Our store features exceptional brands. Arches paper, celebrated as one of the finest in the world and admired by artists globally, is perfect for those looking to achieve professional-grade results. It's offered in rough, hot and cold pressed textures, catering to a variety of artistic needs. Similarly, Saunders watercolour paper meets high standards of quality and consistency, favoured by artists for its reliability and superior performance.

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Watercolour Paper FAQs

Selecting the best watercolour paper largely depends on your artistic intentions and the techniques you plan to use. For those new to watercolour, a medium-textured, cold-pressed paper is generally recommended because it offers a good balance between smoothness and texture, making it versatile enough for various painting techniques. Advanced artists or professionals might lean towards hot-pressed paper for its smooth finish, which is excellent for detailed and precise illustrations, or choose rough paper to enhance the textural effects and dynamic washes typical in expressive watercolour art.

Rough watercolour paper is the pinnacle of texture when it comes to watercolour surfaces. This type of paper features a pronounced, pebbly texture that is fantastic for exploiting watercolour’s granulating properties. It is particularly effective for creating vibrant, textured washes that mimic natural elements like landscapes, skies, or rough sea waves. The rough surface allows pigments to settle into the grooves, giving the artwork a compelling depth that cannot be achieved with smoother papers.

Watercolour paper is uniquely engineered to handle the wetness and reworking of watercolour paints. It's usually made from high-quality cotton, giving it the strength to endure wet techniques without tearing or pilling. This specialized paper also possesses a significant absorbency that helps control paint flow and preserves the brightness of colours. In contrast, normal paper, such as typical printer paper, is not designed to handle moisture. It tends to buckle, warp, or tear when wet, and it does not support the colour's luminosity as watercolour paper does, often leading to muddy and dull artworks.