Spray Paint

Spray paints’ popularity has grown tremendously in recent years. These paints have various advantages over traditional paint. At Oxlades, we offer a variety of spray paint products, all of which are high quality and affordable.

Some spray painting products on our sites include:

  • Odd job enamel paint
  • Glass and plastic spray bottles
  • Montana water-based paint
  • Micador picture varnish satin
  • One take
  • Micador picture varnish matt
  • Micador gloss picture varnish

Micador Gloss Picture Varnish

This product was designed and manufactured in Australia. It maintains flexibility, meaning it does not dry up as time goes by.

This paint is also clear, like water. It does not yellow when it ages. You can use a mild solvent to remove it. Additionally, it is high quality, and acrylic and oil painting produce a clear gloss finishing. It is also acid-free.

Montana Water Based Products

Water-based spray painting products are a safer alternative to oil-based spray paints. They have high-quality pigments, and you can buy them in colored packs. Therefore, it is cheaper than the paintings purchased one at a time.<

Benefits of Spray Painting

There are several benefits associated with using spray paints. It dries faster than regular paint, mainly if the latter doesn’t have any additives, and it is faster to paint using spray paint than a brush. It also allows you to achieve a more even paint distribution, unlike brush painting.

As if those reasons weren't good enough, it is stress-free to use. There is no need to keep dipping a brush into a can and constantly worrying it might dry up. Cleaning afterward is easier because there are no brushes or buckets to wash. Certain spray paints can paint on surfaces like plastic, metal, resin, and wicker.

Shop Spray Painting Products Today

Spray paint has made painting easier and faster. It is excellent for decorating projects around your home or for commercial purposes.

Plus, it's easy to get the best spray paint at Oxlades - we always have it in stock. Shop our collection and get the products you need today.


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