Art Canvas Paper

The canvas paper is an ideal work surface to use in a professional or amateur context, for a personal project or even in school as a student canvas. When you shop with us, you'll find a wide range of student canvas paper and materials. Discover more about finding the right canvas paper for your next project.

What Is Canvas Paper?

If you are unfamiliar, this is a textured heavyweight material with a coated surface that significantly resembles the completed top of a canvas. It is usually bound in flat sheets, similar to a bristol or drawing board pad. The material is good for a range of mediums, including:

  • Alkyds
  • Paint markers
  • Caseins
  • Egg tempera
  • Oil paint

Types Available

Not all these products are made equal, and certain types will suit your needs better, depending on your project.

Canson Oil Acrylic Paper

Canson oil is formerly known as Oil & Acrylic sketch. It's ideal for practising sketches or finished acrylic and oil paintings on linen canvas textured paper.

Single Sheet Canvas Paper

This acid-free paper has a texture much like a linen surface — perfect for oil and acrylics.

Artist's Gesso

Gesso is a necessary art product for preparing your surface for painting. The brilliance of gesso is that it can be applied to almost all surfaces and then coated over with acrylic paint. Applying a layer or two of gesso to vinyl records, for example, allows you to paint with acrylics on them. The options are limitless!

All Your Artistic Needs Under One Roof

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