Fabric Paints

Oxlades stocks a wide range of high-quality fabric paints for all your material crafting needs. Whether it is for a school project or home crafting explorations, you’ll find all the colours you need at Oxlades.


What is Fabric Paint?

Fabric paint is dye-based and is thus used to decorate material. It’s permanent once it has dried, so it won’t smudge or wash off. Sometimes it can be ironed to help the paint set. The paint can be used for home crafts as well as commercial textile enterprises.

It’s much thinner than acrylic paint. Fabric paints usually have unique adhesive agents in it to help it stick to fabrics, unlike other kinds of paint. Fabric paints also typically have heat-set properties to prevent them coming off when washed.

Fabric paint isn’t meant to be used on paper, though you can do so at a pinch for low-key projects.

What Can I do with Fabric Paint?

It can be used to decorate all kinds of textiles with patterns, pictures, or writing. You can use it on tablecloths, bed covers, clothing, upholstery, and even shoes.

Types of Paint

We stock two main kinds of textile paints: liquid and markets. These are each suited to a wide range of projects.


Liquid paints come in tubes, bottles, or jars. They're used for broad areas of colour and finer lines. We stock a range of this type of paint, including:

  • Golden GAC 900 heat set
  • •Jo Sonja
  • Chromacryl Colours and Textile Medium
  • Matisse Colours and Fixative

These are quality products suited to most textile coloring projects.


We stock Derivan fabric markers, which allow for more control, leaving less room for mess and mistakes. They are great for details, fine lines, and writing. We have a range of regular and fluorescent colors to choose from.

Some Final Thoughts

If you’re planning any kind of fabric painting venture, Oxlades is here to help you get the most out of it. Shop for both liquid and marker fabric paints on our website today! If you’re not sure what you need, our friendly assistants can advise you.