Drawing Cartridge

Explore our extensive range of high-quality drawing cartridges, carefully curated to meet the demands of artists, hobbyists, and professionals alike. Whether you're working on intricate sketches, detailed illustrations, or bold compositions, we have the perfect drawing cartridge to bring your ideas to life.

Drawing Cartridge 110 gsm

This collection is available in various sizes, ranging from A1 to A4. These lightweight yet durable sheets provide a smooth surface for precise lines and vibrant colors. Perfect for sketching, doodling, and everyday drawings, these cartridges offer exceptional value for money. Additionally, we offer meter roll options for those who prefer customized dimensions for their creative projects.

Heavy Cartridge 200 gsm

When you need a sturdier option for your artistic endeavors, our Heavy Cartridge 200 gsm is an excellent choice. These sheets provide extra thickness and weight, making them ideal for artwork requiring more durability. Whether you're working with markers, inks, or mixed media, this cartridge will withstand heavy applications without compromising the integrity of your work.

Grain Heavy Cartridge 224 gsm Package and Roll

For artists who crave texture in their creations, our Grain Heavy Cartridge 224 gsm is the perfect fit. This premium cartridge boasts a pronounced grain pattern, adding depth and character to your drawings. Available in both package and roll formats, you can choose the option that best suits your artistic preferences and project requirements.

Canson Pads

In addition to our exclusive cartridge options, we also carry a wide range of Canson pads. Canson is renowned for its superior paper quality and exceptional performance. Whether you need a sketch pad, drawing pad, or mixed media pad, you'll find a comprehensive selection of Canson products to suit your specific artistic needs.

At Oxlades, we understand the importance of providing artists with reliable and high-quality materials. That's why we stock a vast assortment of drawing cartridges from trusted brands, ensuring that every stroke you make is a masterpiece in the making. Browse through our collection and discover the perfect drawing cartridge that will elevate your artistic vision.

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