Polymer Clay

Oxlades stocks top-quality clays, polymer and modelling clays for your sculpting and modelling needs. The polymer products are easy to work with and extremely affordable, so they're a big seller at our store.

What is Polymer Clay?

Polymer clay is an artificial form of modelling clay. It hardens when it dries and can be left unbaked, or you can bake it for a more finished, stronger sculpture.

What is it Made of?

Polymer clay is synthetic, which means it has no natural clay minerals in it. Its main constituent is polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Other components like pigments, fillers, and plasticizers to make it more pliant are added to complete the product.

What Can I Make with it?

There are endless ways you can use this modelling clay. You can make sculptures, jewellery, home décor, pottery ware, and even textured components for scrapbooking.

Who Can Use it?

Just about anyone can use this modelling product. Only very young children who may swallow it should not be allowed to use it – until they are older. That said, the product is non-toxic until fired to higher temperatures.

You may wish to make something for a loved one, a school project, or even a school arts module. The product is easy to work with for any of these endeavours. You simply need to use the same techniques used in ceramic art and sculpture. You can use modelling tools as well as your fingers to make your beautiful creations.

About Our Range

Oxlades stocks mainly the Fimo modelling products. They come in a range of colours, including metallic gold and silver. The Fimo brand is well-established and trusted within the arts community.

The product typically comes in resealable packaging for your convenience. You can also purchase smaller or larger packs.

As you see, our stock is sure to amuse and delight anyone with an interest in sculpting and modelling. And we have plenty of it at Oxlades.

Browse our collection! Our staff will readily assist you with any further information about the product.