Posca Pens

At Oxlades, we proudly stock a wide range of markers and paint markers including the extremely popular Posca painting pens. These pens are ideal for school, personal, or commercial art and painting projects and can elevate any project.

What are Posca Pens?

They are acrylic or water-based paint markers that you can use for various creative projects. The paint is non-toxic, lightfast, opaque, and water-resistant when it’s dry. It also does not bleed through paper like felt-tip marker ink does.

Unlike other pens, Posca markers are not oil or alcohol-based. This means while the paint is waterproof and permanent when it has dried on your surface, it will still come off hands and clothes when washed with detergent.

The acrylic is easy to blend when wet but dries quickly enough for convenient paint layering. The paint offers a good level of density and surface coverage.

It can be used on most surfaces. It’s suitable for wood, glass, paper, cardboard, and even metal.

What Can I Do with Posca Pens?

Posca markers are extremely versatile. You can use them on most surfaces for most kinds of projects. However, they’re extremely well suited to detailed work. As the pen design allows you a large amount of application control, they are great for fine lines and small details.

This design also makes them ideal for posters and other projects where you want to include writing. The marks made by these pens are also conveniently consistent - they’re much easier to use than paint brushes.

If you have a professional, amateur, school, or personal project to do, these pens won't let you down. Check out our range our website to shop for these handy art supplies today!