Art Paper Roll

Oxlades' paper rolls are essential for all your arts and crafts projects. These are ideal for all ages and perfect for outdoor or indoor use at your office, home or even school.
We have it all, from simple poster rolls to butcher paper to framing tape and sticker rolls. Discover how you can use these products for your next creation.

Uses for Art Paper Roll

This high-quality material is often to go-to for larger projects and crafts. From calendars and presentations to DIY decorations, choose a glossy or matte finish depending on your preference. Create smaller products as well, such as brochures.

Poster Paper Roll

It is a thick, heavy-weight material used to print posters. It's comparable to picture paper, which you might have used before at home or work. However, posters tend to be far larger than the little prints you probably made yourself.

Adhesive Paper Roll

This is a type of paper roll with an adhesive strip on the underside. This allows for temporary attaching and ripping off of objects made with it. Modern innovations allow these special glue products to be used without leaving any marks or sticky glue stains on the surface.

Coloured Raffia Rolls

Raffia, also known as Wraffia or Rayon Raffia, is a biodegradable and recyclable eco-friendly product. Raffia is manufactured from the leaf segments of the Palmyra palm, a Madagascar-native flora.

It has the same look and feels as natural raffia, but without the mess and is faster and easier to work with on a roll. This material is perfect for gift wrapping and decorating. Tie it around gifts, flower arrangements, ornaments and much more!

Find the Material That’s Right for You

There's no better choice for versatile craft tools on hand than these products. Whether used for work, home or school, this will serve you well. Shop our wide selection of paper rolls now.