Cardboard Construction Boards

Discover Our Cardboard & Construction Boards

The choice of construction board can be the bedrock of your art and craft projects, influencing the texture, durability, and overall aesthetics of your creations. At Oxlades Art Supplies, we recognize the significance of selecting the right construction board for your specific needs. Different projects demand different foundations, and our diverse selection ensures you have the ideal canvas to bring your artistic visions to life. From Strawboard to Pasteboard and Display Boards, explore our range and unlock the potential of your creativity.

Strawboard: Eco-Friendly and Versatile

Strawboard, known for its eco-friendly composition, is a versatile choice that lends itself well to a wide array of art and craft applications. Its natural texture and robust structure make it ideal for projects requiring durability and a rustic aesthetic. Whether you're crafting handmade books, creating unique packaging, or embarking on mixed-media adventures, our Strawboard provides a sustainable and creative foundation.

Pasteboard: Sturdy Support for Your Art

For artists and crafters seeking a sturdy and reliable support surface, Pasteboard is the answer. This dense and rigid board is perfect for mounting artwork, constructing 3D models, signs or creating sturdy frames for your projects. With Pasteboard from Oxlades, your art will stand the test of time, preserving your creativity for generations to come.

Display Boards: Showcase Your Brilliance

Display boards are designed to do just that—display your brilliance. Ideal for presentations, exhibitions, and showcasing your artwork, these boards offer a clean, professional backdrop that complements your creations. Explore our range of display boards, available in various sizes, and ensure your art takes center stage in all its glory.

Selecting the right construction board is the first step in turning your creative vision into a tangible masterpiece. With Oxlades Art Supplies, you can trust that our selection of Strawboard, Pasteboard, and Display Boards will provide the sturdy and versatile foundation your art and craft projects deserve. Elevate your artistic journey today with the perfect construction boards tailored to your needs!