Staedtler Products

The Staedtler brand is well-known in the design and creative sectors. Staedtler, founded in 1835, creates unique and exciting art and craft goods to help artists channel their visions into artistic masterpieces.

As the largest European manufacturer of wood-cased pencils, mechanical pencils, erasers, fineliners, and various other products, you'd be hard- pressed to find a student who doesn't have Staedtler pencils or erasers inside their pencil case. For more information on our amazing range of items, keep reading!

Our Products

We offer a vast range of products from this top manufacturer. These products include:

Rest assured that when you're buying a product from this brand, you will get gold-standard performance, whether it's a brush, a pencil, or a high- quality Staedtler eraser – no more smudges!

This brand is also the developer of FIMO polymer clays and tools, allowing sculptors and clay artists to produce colourful and creative works of art as well. These easy-to-use colourful polymer clays are a crowd favourite for everyone, from hobbyists to professionals; no matter your skill level, we guarantee you won't be struggling with these clays.

For those of you who are conscious of the environmental impacts generated by the products you purchase, Staedtler's supplies are right up your alleyway. Staedtler's goal is to manage the planet's resources with care and forethought, maximising efficiency and sustainability in the manufacturing process of every individual product.

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