Faber Castell

Faber-Castell Art Supplies

Discover a magical range of art supplies from a leading manufacturer. From high-quality artists' pencils to glitter glue and acrylic felt, our Faber-Castell range has everything you need to take your arts & crafts projects to the next level.

Drawing Pencils & Pens

Choose from a broad range of graphite pencils and water-friendly artists' options. Our selection includes professional-quality individual pencils besides bulk selections, perfect for classrooms or helping your little ones get creative.

These art supplies are suitable for all ages. Art students can choose from a wide range of fineness options or purchase pencil sets with everything they need. Younger learners will find more durable pencils and pens to help them draw with confidence.

We also offer top-notch artists' pens. Fine points and document-proof ink provide a great start for anyone practising calligraphy, outlining in pen, or simply looking for an excellent pen for everyday use.

Coloured Pencils & Watercolour Crayons

Discover our wonderful selection of coloured pencils and crayons. We offer regular and water-soluble crayons and pencil sizes and styles to fit any hand.

Young schoolchildren and advanced students alike will find everything they need in this range, from accessible wax crayons to professional-grade watercolours pencils. Take your work up a notch with a brand-new set of colours. Purchase supplies for your young learners and watch them unleash their creativity.

Artists' Accessories

We also offer a broad selection of supplementary art supplies. You'll find erasers suitable for graphite, watercolours, and even charcoal pencils. Speaking of which, why not add some artists' charcoal for your next project?

Kids' arts and crafts projects wouldn't be complete without glitter glue! Discover glitter glue in a range of colours or bulk out your art supplies with high-quality highlighter pens. You'll also find acrylic felt – perfect for craft projects. There's truly something for everyone in this range!